Don't Let a Tiny Pothole Turn Into Big Car Trouble

Don't Let a Tiny Pothole Turn Into Big Car Trouble

Visit our local auto service center in Brewer, ME

Sometimes potholes are simply unavoidable. If you've recently driven over a pothole, no matter how minor it may seem, your car could be damaged more than you think. Let the experts at Morall Brake and More take a close look at your vehicle for auto maintenance in Brewer, ME.

Our local auto service center is trusted in the Brewer, ME area for honest auto maintenance at affordable prices. If you believe you hit a pothole, don't delay-call 207-989-5538 now for professional car maintenance in Brewery, ME.

What are the major signs of pothole damage?

While some vehicle damage is obvious, many car owners continue to make hidden issues worse without realizing the damage they've already caused. Bring your car into Morall Brake and More if you notice:

  • Visibly damaged tires or bent rims
  • A misaligned or shaking steering wheel
  • Leaking fluid under your car
  • Unusual noises coming from your exhaust
Don't let small damages turn into big, costly problems down the road. Contact us today for car maintenance and repair services after a run-in with a pothole in Brewer, ME.