These guys are amazing. Long story short I made a rookie mistake involving a questionable gas can and wound up with diesel in my gas tank. The dealership quote started at $2500. Some elbow grease, a good bit of ingenuity and $300 later I'm back on the road. Moral had my car ready with 24hrs and kept us informed throughout the process. I've got nothing but gratitude to these guys, they helped my dodge a $2500 bullet and I'll recommend everyone I know from now on.

Jeremy Lamson

Those guys do a good job and they can be trusted they're the best

Kerry Olsen

I can't express how wonderful our experiences at Morral Brake have been. They are amazing. As a parent, having a safe vehicle is top on my priority. The great crew at Morrall Brake not only checks over our vehicles to make sure they are in tip top shape, they are able to repair items on our Volvo at a fraction of the cost of specialty mechanics. For instance, our AC wasn't working great in our XC90 and I brought it into Morrall Brake who figured out it needed a reset in the software and they only charged me to refill the coolant as opposed to 2 other places we called to inquire, one being Darling's Volvo who told us just to look at the vehicle, they would charge us $200 PLUS they had never heard of needing to "update software" and said it wouldn't work to fix the issue. Morrall Brake updated the system and the AC runs perfectly now. I can't imagine what it would have cost us to go to the dealership to have them try all sorts of things and lie to us about what really needed to be done. It is rare to trust a mechanic and we trust all of our vehicles with Morrall. If you are looking for a mechanic who is priced fairly, won't give you the run around like other places do and make your car's safety their priority, we highly recommend Morrall Brake!

Andrea Beaulieu

Great service! Take pride in their work! Very easy to deal with!

Gray Wilson

They do a great job, reasonable prices.

Karen Marrero

Very good service owner is fair and down to earth guy

Anthony Young

Very friendly service. Helped when no one else could. I highly recommend Morall Brake.

Christopher Robison

This place was great! They fixed my car super fast and at a reasonable price. Definitely recommended.

Samantha Cormier

Everyone I have interacted with here is a straight shooter, they don't give you BS and they try to help you out. This is my go to place.

Daniel Soucier

Awesome full service Auto garage with experienced excellent friendly staff!

Paul Pangburn